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The monument of Grandpa Yotso near Ochindol with a view to the Iskar gorge

The monument of Grandpa Yotso near Ochindol with a view to the Iskar gorge

Grandpa Yotso is the hero of Ivan Vazov's story - "Grandpa Yotso is watching". Not in a story but entirely live I managed to meet him. He has settled comfortably on the rock and is watching the railway and what is happening in the Iskar gorge.

If you haven't seen it yet, don't hesitate. The view is amazing!

In 2005 a monument to Grandpa Yotso was erected on the rocks near the village of Ochindol. Its authors are the sculptors Georgi Tishkov and Monika Igarenska.

"Since then, his favorite place to stand has been the rock about fifty paces from his country, overhanging the deep gorge of Iskar, thundering with feverish work.

From morning to night he stood on the rock, listening to the noise, the cracks, the pounding of the hoes in the ground, the rolling of the wheels, the movement, the mixed noise of the gigantic work.

The railway ran out and worked. Grandpa Yotso heard with trepidation the first screams of the steam locomotive's whistle, the rattling of the wheels on the rails.

The "Bulgarian railway" was screaming and banging! He seemed to come to life, to be reborn.

He went to the rock regularly as the train approached, to hear the whistle and watch the Bulgarian railway roar through the mouth.

The railway is connected in his thoughts with the concept of a free Bulgaria. He spoke to him with his thunder clearly about the new, about the "Bulgarian" time. As before, she had no idea about him in the village: only the "whistle" called him that. And when she approached to scream, he dropped everything and ran with his staff on the rock to watch ...

Passengers, standing at the windows of the carriages to watch the picturesque bends of the gorge, saw in amazement on one side of the street that a man was standing and waving a hat at them. That was Grandpa Yotso. He greeted the new Bulgaria in this way.

His villagers used to see him on the rock every day and said to each other with a grin:

"Grandpa Yotso is watching ..."

Quote from the story Grandpa Yotso looks at Ivan Vazov.

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