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Irakli beach - Paradise for wild campers

Irakli beach - Paradise for wild campers

Irakli beach is located near the village of Emona and is in the easternmost part of Bulgaria. It is known mostly for its wild nature and beautiful beach, and for some probably also for the Kom-Emine hiking trail that ends nearby.

The beach strip is about 2.6 km long. The sand is golden in color and quite pleasant to the touch. The sea water is extremely clean. At the beginning, the sea is very shallow and suitable for small children. Note that the beach is completely wild and there are no umbrellas or sunbeds. And this is precisely the reason why most of its visitors come.
Beautiful, wild and unforgettable! These are my three words symbolizing Herakles. Visit it and see for yourself. The beaches of Bulgaria are waiting for you this summer too, so put yourself in a good mood, choose a destination and take action.

How to get to Irakli beach?

Veleka Beach is located 62 km north of Burgas and 3 km from the village of Banya. It can be reached through the Obzor Pass in the direction of Burgas - Varna. Shortly after the village of Banya, watch for a turnoff to Irakli on the right. If you are traveling from Varna, watch for a turn left after Obzor.

You can leave the car at the Vaya Beach parking lot or continue along the dirt road and look for your parking spot at Irakli Beach. The road to Irakli is quite broken and you have to drive carefully, so I prefer to leave the car in the nice parking lot and walk a little. (several hundred meters on the sand - you will see in the video)

Is this beach with life guards?

There are no lifeguards on the beach to date. Be careful when bathing there.

How big is the beach?

The beach strip is about 2.6 km long and there is enough space for everyone - you can choose a quieter or a more lively place. The Vaya River separates Vaya Beach from Irakli Beach. A very small and calm river that is knee deep or less.

Is there anything interesting on Irakli?

Irakli is part of a protected area and a large number of plants and animals are found here, which are in danger of extinction. Here you can meet sand lily, sea anemone, Tatar milkweed and other plants, as well as many birds.

Are there restaurants nearby?

There is a small shop on the beach where you can buy some things. I have no idea what the assortment is. On the other side of Vaia beach there is a bar-restaurant where you can eat or drink something. ( Image is from Vaya beach just near Irakli )

Are there umbrellas and sunbeds?

No! Irakli Beach is wild and has neither umbrellas nor sunbeds. If you like the shade, it's a good idea to bring an umbrella from home.

Where can I find other great beaches?

You can watch my series "The Beaches of Bulgaria" on YouTube here.
I'm sure you'll find at least a few beaches you can't wait to visit.

What is interesting nearby?

  • Near Irakli is the resort of Nessebar. A small and picturesque fishing town by the sea, it will charm and captivate you with its unique beauty. It has a special charm that is felt both in summer and in winter.
  • The town of Byala - is located about 20 km from Irakli. And this town is located by the sea and offers a nice beach along with plenty of accommodation. There you can also see the ancient fortress of Saint Athanasius Cape.
  • Karadere beach - extremely wild and beautiful beach still protected by construction. It is located after Byala in the direction of Varna on the right side. It is reached by difficult roads and you need a tall car and good skills to reach it.
* Special thanks to Merudia for letting me use part of their song "Сто двайс' три Иракли" in the video ♥ You're so cool!

4:20 Which of the two enters the water more attractively? Me or Willy? Write me in the comments.

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