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Irakli beach - Paradise for wild campers

Irakli beach - Paradise for wild campers

The Beaches of Bulgaria - Season 2, Episode 1 - Irakli Beach

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Irakli Beach - beautiful, wild and unforgettable

Irakli beach is located near the village of Emona and is in the eastern part of Bulgaria. It is best known for its wildlife and beautiful beach, and for some probably with the nearby hiking destination Kom-Emine.
Irakli is located 62 km north of Bourgas and only 3 km from the village of Banya.

The beach is about 2.6 km long. The sand is golden in color and is quite pleasant to the touch. The sea water is extremely clean. In the beginning the sea is very shallow and suitable for small children. Keep in mind that the beach is completely wild and there are no umbrellas or sunbeds. And this is exactly the reason why most of its visitors come.

Irakli is part of a protected area and there are a large number of endangered plants and animals. Here you can find sand lily, sea wind, Tatar milkweed and other plants, as well as many birds.

Beautiful, wild and unforgettable! These are my three words symbolizing Irakli. Visit it and you will see for yourself. The beaches of Bulgaria are waiting for you this summer, so get in a good mood, choose a destination and just go.

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* Special thanks to Merudia, who allowed me to use part of their song "Сто двайс' три чака ни Иракли" in the video ♥ You are very cool!

4:20 Which of us enters the water more attractively? Me or Vili? Write down in the comments.

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