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Rozhen Monastery "Nativity of Mary" - returned more beautiful than ever like a phoenix after the ashes

It is not clear when and who created the monastery. This is due to the great fire in the 17th century, which damaged a large part of the monastery complex and burned the monastery library. The oldest objects found here are ornaments and coins from the time of Michael VIII Palaeologus (1250-85).
The monastery was restored at the beginning of the XVIII century with the financial help of rich bulgarians from all over the country. Reconstruction began in 1715, and the church was fully completed in 1732.

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Irakli beach - Paradise for wild campers

Irakli Beach - a paradise for wild campers in Bulgaria

Irakli beach is located near the village of Emona and is in the eastern part of Bulgaria. It is best known for its wildlife and beautiful beach, and for some probably with the nearby hiking destination Kom-Emine.

Beautiful, wild and unforgettable! These are my three words symbolizing Irakli. Visit it and you will see for yourself. The beaches of Bulgaria are waiting for you this summer, so get in a good mood, choose a destination and just go.

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The kingdom of Mumjidam and its inhabitants. A story has survived through the centuries

Kingdom of Mumjidam

In nine mountains in the tenth, in nine forests in the tenth, in nine rivers in the tenth there was a kingdom nestled on a small hill in the heart of the Rhodopes. It was big and lively, people looked after the animals, cultivated the land ...

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Stupa of the Enlightenment - Plana village

The monument "Stupa of Enlightenment" is located in the village of Plana, about 30 km from Sofia. This is the first traditional stupa built in Bulgaria. It symbolizes the moment when the Buddha attained enlightenment - the nature of the fully awakened mind.

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The monument of Grandpa Yotso near Ochindol with a view to the Iskar gorge

Grandpa Yotso is the hero of Ivan Vazov's story - "Grandpa Yotso is watching". Not in a story but entirely live I managed to meet him. He has settled comfortably on the rock and is watching the railway and what is happening in the Iskar gorge.

If you haven't seen it yet, don't hesitate. The view is amazing!

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