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Arkutino beach - the most romantic beach in Bulgaria

This week I will introduce you to Arkutino beach. The most romantic beach in Bulgaria. This is described in an article in the local newspaper Trud.

Тhe beach is very long and with beautiful golden sand. On the left there are two restaurants on the beach, so if you want to cool off you can still do it.

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Walk in Zheravna, Bulgaria where the time has stopped

The village is extremely quiet and typical of the mountain towns as if time has stopped. People are in no hurry, everything happens somehow smoothly and casually. This mood also drifts away when you walk on the old roads. The houses are wooden and although most of them have been restored, they have kept the spirit of the past.

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Dokuzak waterfall - the highest waterfall in Strandzha, Bulgaria

Водопада Докузак е най-високият и най-пълноводният водопад в Странджа планина. Името му е с турски произход и в превод означава "Девет извора", тъй като реката със същото наименования води началото си от девет карстови извора. Водопада е висок едва 5-6 метра, но е изключително красив и е прекрасно прохладно кътче за горещите летни месеци.

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Saint Paraskeva beach and a walk through the Bulgarian Stonehenge (Beglik Tash)

​With this video I continue the first season of the new series for "The Beaches of Bulgaria". I believe that there are still beautiful beaches on our sea that are worth visiting. A lot of people recommend to visit Bulgaria, but I plan to show you what I found, and the decision is entirely yours.

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Early Byzantine fortress Accra and the beaches next to it

In this episode I will go to the early Byzantine fortress "Accra" near the town of Chernomorets and tell you about its history, and I will show you the wonderful places for bathing that I found. Some people say that gold coins can still be found in the fortress, but I was unlucky with that.

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