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Beli Iskar eco-trail - a beautiful meeting with nature

The Beli Iskar eco-trail is located near the village of the same name. 75 km from Sofia and only 5 km from Samokov it is a wonderful escape from the gray.

The trail is about 6 km long and runs mainly on forest paths. Along the way you will cross 8 large and as many small bridges. It also includes an amazing panoramic playground.

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Stupa of the Enlightenment - Plana village

The monument "Stupa of Enlightenment" is located in the village of Plana, about 30 km from Sofia. This is the first traditional stupa built in Bulgaria. It symbolizes the moment when the Buddha attained enlightenment - the nature of the fully awakened mind.

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The monument of Grandpa Yotso near Ochindol with a view to the Iskar gorge

Grandpa Yotso is the hero of Ivan Vazov's story - "Grandpa Yotso is watching". Not in a story but entirely live I managed to meet him. He has settled comfortably on the rock and is watching the railway and what is happening in the Iskar gorge.

If you haven't seen it yet, don't hesitate. The view is amazing!

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The magic of the Rhodopes: Episode 1: the village of Mogilitsa and its history, a small town and views from above

In this episode we will take you on an adventure to a small village near Smolyan - the Rhodopean village of Mogilitsa. There we will look at the Agush mansions and hear more about their history. (Unfortunately, it was not possible to take a video inside, so there are only photos from the place).

We will also tell you more about the interesting story of Shefket Chapadjiev better known as "From Madan to Chicago and back". We will walk around the city of Madan and see extremely beautiful views from above.

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The magic of the Rhodopes - a series of Mitko on Trip

Rhodope - a mountain so beautiful, so magical and vast. Keep in yourself millennial secrets about giants, deities and mythical heroes. From Perperikon to Gela, from Mogilitsa to Tatul the songs of Orpheus are carried by the wind. And vats ring, a flute plays, and the Rhodope bagpipe transports you to the heart of the mountain.

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