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Run away from the routine

These adventures are a great escape from the 9 to 5 world. Work can bring the food to the table, but the adventures are the food for the soul. I love exploring, I love moving and being in awe of stunning places and breathtaking views.

Wanna share an adventure? Have ideas for stunning locations? Email me your idea and expect my reply soon : ))

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My favourite trips
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Walk in the nature

Wondering how to escape the world?

Beli Iskar is the place for you and its amazing eco-trail. In this place you will forget about everything and you will truly enjoy the nature around you, because it is extremely amazing!

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The monument of Grandpa Yotso near Ochindol with a view to the Iskar gorge

Grandpa Yotso is the hero of Ivan Vazov's story - "Grandpa Yotso is watching". Not in a story but entirely live I managed to meet him. He has settled comfortably on the rock and is watching the railway and what is happening in the Iskar gorge.

If you haven't seen it yet, don't hesitate. The view is amazing!

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The magic of the Rhodopes: Episode 1: the village of Mogilitsa, Madan and Snezhanka

Watch the first episode of the Magic of the Rhodopes filled with interesting views, curious towns and villages and old stories

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