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More about me


That's when it all began. In was just an ordinary Friday when one baby cried for the first time. I don't remember, but it should've been a happy day.


A child of two adventurous parents. Some of my earliest memories are the summers with grandma and grandpa on the mountain villa in Pirin. Quite a lot travelling as well with sleeping kids on the backseat, camping on the beach and many other crazy things.


In a memorable 2016 I finally bought a cabrio - my most precious belonging. It's quite retro and rattling, but pretty good for photos. But oh.. the travels with it - hearing the sounds, feeling the breeze... Happiness!

What are my favourite things?

The adventures

Adventures are lovely, but even better when shared. To have awesome friends with whom to experience the burning sunrise, the astonishing views and all the adventures - now that's special. I feel really good when I am outside in the nature no matter if I am going for a walk, camping with campfire, visiting beautiful beaches or mountain hiking.

The music

Music is a whole new world. It helps me just turn off and enjoy every second. While riding my car I often find myself singing and dancing ha-ha.

Photography and Video

I like to memories the moments and adventures. It is a great way to go back to that wild summer trip to Ahtopol - to feel what you felt and see what you didn't payed attention to back then.

Playing games

When I get the opportunity I`m totally in for board games with good friends or just spend some time on the Playstation. I like to play competitive games mostly, but the win is never on any price.

To be on the move

Whether it would be rock climbing, cliff jumping, windsurf, trail running, volleyball or whathever else. I like doing things outside - to get the blood moving, stopping your breath and feel more alive than ever before.

Just be happy

Sometimes just trust your guts and do what you always wanted.

From the archive ^^

I wanted to add something .. erm different and asked my dad to choose a few photos (taken by him) that suit me. Here are some of the photos he chose.
They are ordered chronologically starting from the most recent one.