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A snowy transition to one of the most beautiful huts in the Balkan Mountains - Mazalat hut

In the mountains in winter? Ooooo, yes! There is sometimes snow in the city, but it cannot be compared to that in the mountains. The warmth of the fireplace and the hot tea in the hut after long games outside. The most delicious soup after ten km of transition in the snow. This is Mazalat hut!

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We got lost again? Mishkova Niva and lots of fun on the bales of hay with Marto

I don't know how familiar you are, but I often get lost. I wouldn't say it's intentional, but I definitely enjoy it every time. I can get lost on foot, by bike, by car, even by train. Oh well, I wrote it as a skill in my resume.

This time I was with Marto (and he seems to like to get lost) and we went to visit the highest peak of the Strandzha mountain on the Bulgarian side - Gradishte peak. And ...

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The UFO of Buzludzha, the Monument of Shipka and a night in the nature

Three friends. Two year old promise. One wild adventure!

Back in 2018 I promised Pesho to go to Buzludzha and camp there. It's been a while and many things have changed - we are no more sharing a desk in the office, but the promises must be kept.

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Bulgarian adventure in England - museums, christmas shopping and english sport

Every year on Christmas we use to go to England on vacation for a week. Had a lot of fun, while trying some typical english things. We were impressed by the beautiful Christmas decoration on the shopping centers and found a unique museum, that changed the history of all Europe. Oh, and we played golf for first time haha.

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Video trip around Varna in the summer

One adventure with Tanya - the queen of fiery sunsets and a huge fan of... (watch the video till the end)

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