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9 places you must visit in Nikopol, Bulgaria

Welcome to Nikopol! This small town, located on the banks of the Danube River in Bulgaria, is distinguished by a unique combination of history, culture and nature sights. From the medieval Nikopol fortress to the beautiful Orthodox churches and panoramic views of the Danube, Nikopol invites you to immerse yourself in its rich history and enjoy its unique atmosphere. Excellent for a visit by history buffs, nature lovers or thrill seekers, Nikopol welcomes you with open arms.

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Assen Fortress - the protective wall of the pass between Thrace and the Aegean

Asen Fortress is located near Asenovgrad. It is located on the rocky hill Mogilata and it has a great view from the road Asenovgrad - Smolyan. The fortress, which rises at least 100 meters above the road, was a major strategic point above the pass connecting Plovdiv with the Aegean. With its almost vertical slopes, even overhanging the river, it is inaccessible on all three sides. The excellent location and natural protection of the area has been used since the time of the Thracians, who in the V century BC. build a fortification.

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Stupa of the Enlightenment - Plana village

The monument "Stupa of Enlightenment" is located in the village of Plana, about 30 km from Sofia. This is the first traditional stupa built in Bulgaria. It symbolizes the moment when the Buddha attained enlightenment - the nature of the fully awakened mind.

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The monument of Grandpa Yotso near Ochindol with a view to the Iskar gorge

Grandpa Yotso is the hero of Ivan Vazov's story - "Grandpa Yotso is watching". Not in a story but entirely live I managed to meet him. He has settled comfortably on the rock and is watching the railway and what is happening in the Iskar gorge.

If you haven't seen it yet, don't hesitate. The view is amazing!

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What happened to Mitko on Trip in 2020?

2020... what a year! 

It was quite exciting and interesting. 2020 was quite memorable to me. Through it I laid the foundations of Mitko on Trip. I started the long delayed trips and put a lot of effort into creating the videos for this channel.

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