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Dokuzak waterfall - the highest waterfall in Strandzha, Bulgaria

Dokuzak waterfall - the highest waterfall in Strandzha, Bulgaria

Dokuzak waterfall is the highest and the most full-water waterfall in Strandzha mountain. Its name is of Turkish origin and translates as "Nine springs", since the river with the same name originates from nine karst springs. The waterfall is only 5-6 meters high, but it is extremely beautiful and a wonderful cool spot for the hot summer months.

How to get to the waterfall?

It is located about 7 km from the town of Malko Tarnovo on the road to the village of Stoilovo. You can get almost to the waterfall itself by car.
On that day I traveled by car from Burgas and from there it is about 70 km. and an hour away by car. You can see the location of the waterfall here - here.

How long it takes?

For exploring the waterfall and its surroundings, I would recommend that you set aside half an hour to one hour. You can have a picnic at the nearby tables and then the weather is up to you.

Is it steep? Are there scary sections?

The path is not steep, but can be slippery in rain. Also, around the falls, the walkways are slippery and you have to tread carefully.

Can I bring my dog?

No problem. There is only nature and nothing that can create a problem. Your dog will be happy and run around in peace.

Is there a convenient picnic spot nearby?

There is a shelter built near the waterfall with a table where you can stop to eat while admiring the waterfall. There are also quite interesting and beautiful trees nearby that you can enjoy or climb. (depending on your sanity)

Toilets have recently been installed near the gazebo, and the place has been improved with a few more benches.

When is the best time to visit?

I will please you with good news - the waterfall is full of water all year round and you will have no problem visiting it in any of the seasons. In the spring, of course, the flow rate is a little higher and the waterfall looks wonderful.

What is interesting nearby?

  • "Bara" next to Dokuzak - shortly before the turnoff for the waterfall on the right side (when coming) there is a "Bara" that is quite interesting. It washes carpet and paths with the water jet, but last time it was closed and I have no idea what the opening hours are.
  • Ecopath to the village of Stoilovo - is located near the waterfall and is about 2 kilometers long. We didn't manage to visit it that day, but the surrounding nature is extremely beautiful and it will definitely be a pleasant walk.
  • Eco-path "In the kingdom of the periwinkle" - its beginning is in the village of Kondolovo. The path is about 4 km long and can be walked in an hour and a half or two. The periwinkle blooms in May/June in an incredible purple color.
  • The Indipascha Sanctuary - is located about 25 km from Dokuzak and is a very interesting holy place. There are healing springs and many people come to rinse with its waters.

If you pass by Malko Tarnovo, you should definitely stop by and see it.

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