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Hotnishki waterfall - fast cooling a step away from the city

Hotnishki waterfall - fast cooling a step away from the city

Hotnishki waterfall (also known as "Kaya Bunar" - a waterfall in the rock) is a waterfall on the river Bohot in northern Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo region. The waterfall and the gorge of the river have been declared a natural landmark. You should keep in mind that it is forbidden to bathe in the pool in front of the waterfall. Near the waterfall there is a gazebo where you can eat with a view of the waterfall, as well as a very interesting eco-trail. The eco-trail is dangerous (and quite slippery in wet weather) and it is necessary to move slowly and carefully, but the views that open are very beautiful and definitely worth it.

How to get to the waterfall?

Hotnishki waterfall is located near the village of Hotnitsa (3 km from the village) and about 20 km. from Veliko Tarnovo. There is a parking lot next to the waterfall and you can leave your car there.

How high is the waterfall and which river flows along it?

The water falls from a height of 30 meters and this makes it the highest waterfall near Veliko Tarnovo.
The Bohot River feeds the waterfall with water. It springs near the village of Novo Selo (Veliko Tarnovo region) and later flows into the Rositsa River.

When is it appropriate to visit the waterfall?

Anytime! The waterfall is at its highest in the spring, but does not dry up even in summer. For me, the most pleasant time to visit is in summer or early autumn. In this period along the water it is pleasant and cool, when in Veliko Tarnovo are the greatest heats.

How long does it take?

The waterfall is right next to the road and you don't need much time. Take a quiet look, take pictures, and why not have a picnic on the grass or at a nearby gazebo. For example, we stretched out our hammock and enjoyed the sound of the water.

Is there any eco-trail nearby?

Yes! The Hotnishki Vodopad eco-trail starts right next to the waterfall. It starts from the parking lot, passes over the waterfall and returns on the other side. It is about a kilometer or two long and takes half an hour to an hour. The trail is quite steep (maybe even a little dangerous) and is not recommended for people with fear of heights, as well as when wet. It walks on stones or on narrow wooden bridges and is very beautiful. However, it is definitely not for everyone.

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