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The magic of the Rhodopes - a series of Mitko on Trip

The magic of the Rhodopes - a series of Mitko on Trip

Rhodope - a mountain so beautiful, so magical and vast. Keep in yourself millennial secrets about giants, deities and mythical heroes. From Perperikon to Gela, from Mogilitsa to Tatul the songs of Orpheus are carried by the wind. And vats ring, a flute blows, and the Rhodope bagpipe transports you to the heart of the mountain.

In this series I want to show you that the Rhodopes are a treasure waiting to be found. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends we will discover a little of the magical Rhodopes. And we go back there all the time, because once is never enough. Every time you discover something new about the place, about the history, about yourself.

Subscribe to the channel, because I will soon start with the videos from the series - in them I will show you great places, tell you interesting stories and give you exciting ideas for adventures.

Text: Anton Donchev - "Time apart"
Music: Georgi Dobrev (flute): see here

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