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Art Gallery "Seryakova House" and the Art Club in Troyan

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Art Gallery "Seryakova House" and the Art Club in Troyan

Welcome to Seryakova House - a cultural treasure in the heart of Troyan! This wonderful gallery is a historic location for the city and for art. It bears the name of Georgi Seryakov (Gio) - a warrior against the occupiers from Hristo Botev's group, who sacrificed his life in the name of freedom in 1876. Inspired by this brave spirit, the house became a place for cultural events, art and beauty.

The exhibition halls, the sophisticated gallery, the souvenir stand and the "Art Club" cafe-bar will take you to a cozy environment full of exquisite works of art. The gallery hosts over 15 exhibitions every year, presenting a variety of topics and authors.

Art Gallery "Seryakova House" is a true oasis for art and urban life, where artists, musicians, writers and admirers of the beautiful gather. Here you can enjoy an exhibition of paintings, a classical chamber concert, a book premiere - discover the beauty of Bulgarian art and be inspired by the passion of creativity. Welcome here - the place where history and art meet and enrich the soul!

How to get to the art gallery?

The gallery is located in the center of Troyan and near the municipality building. It is located at 6 Angel Kanchev St. I recommend you park in the large parking lot next to the municipality and walk a hundred meters to the gallery.
Troyan is located about 150 km from Sofia, 70 km from Pleven, 100 km from Veliko Tarnovo, 65 km from Gabrovo and about 120 km from Plovdiv. It is most easily accessible from Northern Bulgaria.

How long it takes to look around?

Allow about an hour to explore the gallery. In case you have a chance, check out their Facebook page and like an interesting event to attend. Link to the page here.

What will I be able to see in the gallery?

The gallery has two floors and is very interesting. During our visit, we were able to see the exhibition "Different Seasons", which included paintings by the artist Petya Dimova. ( See more here: click) From then until now, several more exhibitions have changed and there is always something new to surprise us with, Mrs. Mariela Shoshkova, who takes care of the gallery and that it is always interesting and fascinating for us visitors.
Along with the paintings, there was also an exhibition of ceramic vessels - beautiful, colorful and full of life. They were divided into groups by different authors and almost all were available for sale. Next to them, you can also meet various types of statuettes, candlesticks and other works of art, which complement the artistic setting beautifully and create coziness in the place.
At the entrance to the gallery is the editor's office, which I personally envy a lot.
Under the stairs to the second floor is a stall with books, tea sets, mugs, bowls and more souvenirs and products that you can buy for yourself or a friend. We left with two clay jars as souvenirs, but we liked so many things..

What are the gallery opening hours?


The art gallery is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm, and on Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm. Sunday is set aside for rest.


The title also mentions an Art Club? Where is it? What is going on there?

The Art Club is located in a room under the "Seryakova Kashta" gallery, with the entrance on the left side of the facade. Some people would say that the Art Club is just a place, but to me it is a wonderful addition to the gallery. This is where you can move after the gallery closes and enjoy more art - a few more piano tunes, a few more songs, more dances and emotions. The hosts promise fun, and temperatures will undoubtedly rise in view of the huge collection of different types of alcohol and the cheerful bartenders.
The Art Club is open on Friday and Saturday evenings from 7 p.m. until 04 a.m. You are welcome!

How much does it cost to visit and can I buy a souvenir from the gallery?

The visit is completely free. If you like the gallery, you can buy a piece of art for a souvenir or a gift. In this way, you will support the artists and this place, which absolutely manages to support itself.

Is there anything interesting I should look at in the gallery?

I personally was genuinely surprised and impressed by the good sound and lighting of the gallery. If I have a chance I would love to visit it during a jazz or classical concert to enjoy the nice sound.

Is there a convenient picnic spot or something to eat nearby?

The gallery is located in a prime location in the city and gives you the opportunity to eat in interesting places. I recommend the inn "На ДворЪТ", which is located on the same street in the direction of the square. We stopped there for lunch and were treated to wonderful home-cooked meals, and the desserts.. oh, the desserts. Be sure to stop by!

When is the best time to visit this place?

I recommend it all year round. The building from the outside is lovely and worth a look even on an off day if you're passing by. As for the gallery, I recommend that you take a look again at what events there are and choose something to your taste as long as you have the opportunity. Very often different events are organized and different exhibitions are held, so you can look at it with a difference of a week and it will be an absolutely new and beautiful place in its own way.

What is interesting nearby?

  • Museum of Folk Art Crafts and Applied Arts - located within walking distance of the gallery and somehow complement each other to showcase the best of local art past and present.
  • The center of Troyan - the gallery is located near the central square and I recommend you to look around. The square is very beautiful and maintained with beautiful flowers, so it's nice to even sit for a while to enjoy it.
  • Tourist Information Center - located near the square and in it you will be able to get acquainted with interesting places to visit, current events for this period and find something to your taste to visit during your stay here.

I want to especially thank our hosts from the municipality of Troyan, the regional association Tour Club ReMark, Mrs. Mariela Shoshkova and ASTOM (Association of Owners of Tourist Online Media) for this wonderful weekend and the great organization.

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