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Win a great beach towel Mitko on Trip

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Win a great beach towel Mitko on Trip

Hello friends

It's time for the next game in which I want to draw your attention to the Bulgarian beaches. We have a great sea in Bulgaria and it can make us very happy, as long as we keep it clean and undeveloped.

As a gift I have prepared a unique beach towel with beach pictures and the logo of Mitko on Trip.

To win it you must follow these steps:
1. Subscribe to my Youtube channel
2. To watch and comment under one of the videos from the series "Beaches of Bulgaria"

Done! You are already participating in the raffle for this great towel.

(You can participate under several videos, but with 1 comment per video. If you have commented twice under the same video, you will be eliminated from the draw.)

⏰ Deadline: August 13

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