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Vinprom Troyan - rakia tour in the city of plums

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Vinprom Troyan - rakia tour in the city of plums

Vinprom Troyan is a famous Bulgarian rakia (bulgarian brandy) company that has a long and rich tradition in the production of various types of rakia and alcohol. It was founded in 1948 and is distinguished by the high quality of its products. Started behind the walls of the Troyan monastery, the production of Troyan plum rakia turned the small town into a real rakia capital.
* Rakia is a traditional bulgarian alcohol drink that is similar to brandy. It is usually around 40-50 degrees. (The bulgarians like it strong) If you visit Bulgaria you must try rakia.

The company maintains the centuries-old tradition and respect for the past, preserving and developing the old recipes and technologies that make their products so special. Vinprom Troyan offers various types of high-quality plum and fruit brandies, which are produced with special care and attention to detail. The company uses quality, fresh and well-ripened fruit to produce its brandies, and the distillation process is carried out with continuous control to preserve the aroma and taste of the fruit.

The popularity of Vinprom Troyan goes beyond the borders of Bulgaria, as their products enjoy interest and recognition outside the country as well. Thanks to their traditions and innovations, Vinprom Troyan products rank among the favorite choices of experts and lovers of alcoholic beverages. The enjoyment of their unique tastes, colors and aromas makes Vinprom Troyan a true symbol of Bulgarian rakia production.

How to get to Vinprom Troyan?

The main building is located on Akad Street. A. Balevski" No. 16 in the city of Troyan. There is a parking lot in front of it, which you can use if you are traveling by car.

Troyan is located about 150 km from Sofia, 70 km from Pleven, 100 km from Veliko Tarnovo, 65 km from Gabrovo and about 120 km from Plovdiv. It is most easily accessible from Northern Bulgaria.

Can I go inside to see the rakia making process?

Actually yes! This is one of the few distilleries that allow you to go inside and see the entire process from the fruit to the end result - a wonderful rakia.

When can I visit Vinprom Troyan?


Rakia tours are held every Saturday from 3pm on site. On this tour, you will be able to see the entire process that fruit goes through to become rakia - from receiving the fruit, crushing, distillation, aging in barrels, drawing and sampling, bottling and labeling. The whole process is very interesting and curious. The end of this rakia tour is the tasting of the products produced in the factory. You can try all kinds of plum and fruit brandies, liqueurs, etc. It's no secret that the best drink here in Troyan is plum rakia, but you can also try apricot, pear, quince and others rakias. For lovers of lighter types of alcohol, like myself, I recommend the liqueurs - the raspberry liqueur was outstanding for me, but I also liked the walnut and plum liqueurs. They are worth a try.
An interesting fact is that Vinprom Troyan is trying to restore old traditions and decided to try "Slancheva rakia". It is placed in barrels that are left in the sun. There is a very large loss of evaporation, but they say that the rakia has an extremely distinct and pleasant taste. The first two barrels are expected to be ready at the end of 2023-2024 and will appear on the market in limited quantities. We will expect them.

How much does the rakia tour cost?

The tour of the production base of the vinprom costs BGN 15. for an adult and is free for children under 18. It usually lasts about an hour - maybe a little more, but it's quite exciting to look behind the production of rakia and how exactly it is carried out in large factories.

What products does Vinprom Troyan offer??

The pride of the vinprom is their plum rakia in its various varieties. After all, Troyan is the city of prunes, and it couldn't be any different. Besides the traditional plum, you can try Stanley, Yoyo, Chachanska Lepotitsa. In case you want something different, you can try pear, apricot, cherry, quince, peach or apple rakia. For lovers of less alcoholic drinks, you can try raspberry, cherry, plum, walnut or herbal liqueur, as well as elderberry elixir (elder), which has a very interesting and pleasant taste.

How can I buy from their products?

You can buy Vinprom Troyan products in their company store in the city of Troyan, in the liquor store in the village of Oreshak (next to the Troyan monastery) or online on their website - here.

What is interesting nearby?

  • Museum of Folk Art Crafts and Applied Arts - located within walking distance of the gallery and somehow complement each other to showcase the best of local art past and present.
  • Gallery "Seryakova Kashta" - this is one of the places worth visiting in Troyan and will introduce you to the best of local artists and masters of the brush, ceramics or woodworking.
  • The center of Troyan and the river Osam - the center of the city is very beautiful and well maintained, and the river is very close. Take a walk to see what's interesting and enjoy the tranquility of the river.
  • Tourist information center - located in the city center and near the municipality. In it you will be able to familiarize yourself with the interesting places to visit, current events for this period and find something to your taste to visit during your stay here.

I want to give special thanks to our hosts from Troyan municipality, regional association Tour Club ReMark, Mr. Michal Capoun (Executive Director of Vinprom Troyan) and ASTOM (Association of Owners of Tourism Online Media) for this wonderful weekend and the great organization.

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