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Ecopath "In the kingdom of periwinkle" - a magic in pink-purple

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Ecopath "In the kingdom of periwinkle" - a magic in pink-purple

​"In the kingdom of periwinkle" is an eco-trail that will enchant you and you will remain forever in love with Strandzha mountain. There is also the only place in Bulgaria where you can see this plant. Contrary to all expectations, the Strandja periwinkle is not green, but has bright purple-pink colors and creates a fairy-tale atmosphere. It blooms beautifully in late May and early June and is well worth a visit during this period.

How do you get to the eco-trail?

The eco-trail starts and ends in the center of the village of Kondolovo, near Tsarevo. It is located 71 km from the city of Burgas and 23 km from Tsarevo and the sea.
The easiest way to get there is by car, as there is a suitable parking space for about 10 cars in the center.
There may also be a bus to the village, but you should call the Bus Station in Tsarevo to confirm when and how. Link here.

How long it takes?

To walk the path you need about an hour and a half - two hours. You will most likely stop often to take photos and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
I would recommend you allow about 5 hours in total to explore the trail, eat at the most delicious grill in the center of the village, and explore the nearby church.

How long is the eco-trail?

The route is circular and is about 4-4.5 km long. Her markings are white-blue-white. For the most part, it moves along forest paths, with the exception of a few hundred meters, which are walked on an asphalt road. If you are with children, it is good to supervise them at this moment. The path then re-enters the forest and returns near the center of the village.

When is the best time to visit?

It is best to walk this eco-trail at the end of May and the beginning of June, as this is the period when the periwinkle blooms most beautifully. But if you are in the area I would recommend you to visit it any time of the year. The path is very beautiful and pleasant. Even after the periwinkle blooms are over, the trail continues to be beautifully green and interesting.

Is it steep? Are there scary sections?

The path is not steep and there are no scary sections. It is suitable even for children and the elderly, as it is quite light.

Do I need special equipment?

You need to carry your smile and good mood with you. But even if you don't, your forest has tricks to make you happy and smile.

Can I take my dog?

Yes, the path is wide and pleasant, so your dog will be able to run in peace. If your dog is larger, keep it with you so as not to scare other visitors.

Can I learn something interesting during the walk?

Yes! Along the path there are many signs that tell about Strandzha mountain and its interesting plant species. It also says with details about the periwinkle.. but you have to find the sign yourself.

Does the place have an interesting history?

Yeah! The village, apart from its periwinkle, delicious barbecue and hospitable hosts, is also known for being featured in several old Bulgarian films. The wonderful Bulgarian film "Mr. for a Day" was filmed here in 1980. Walking through the village and looking at the old houses we definitely notice the reason why it is such a sought after photo spot. All the houses around have been preserved in their authentic form and take us back to old times.

Is there a convenient picnic spot nearby?

Along the eco-path, there are pleasant benches and gazebos in several places, which are convenient for resting and eating. However, I would recommend walking the path and eating at the roadside restaurant - the meatballs and kebabs are great, and once you've earned them, they're even better.

What is interesting nearby?

  • Church "St. George" in the village of Kondolovo - very close to the center there is a small church that is very well maintained and painted. Give it a little time to check it out and you'll love it.
  • Marina Reka eco-trail - about 10 km from Kondolovo, near the village of Bulgari, this eco-trail is located. I haven't walked it yet, but I have it planned for the next walk around the area.
  • Thracian sanctuary of Indipasha - located about 20 km. A very interesting place with its energy and a place of attraction for believers for centuries. There is a healing spring (ayazmo) there, which people visit to cure themselves of various ailments.
  • Dokuzak waterfall - about 40 km from there is the Dokuzak waterfall. It is the highest and one of the most beautiful in Strandzha. It is full of water throughout the year and is an extremely pleasant place to relax. Read more here.

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