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Early Byzantine fortress Accra and the beaches next to it

Early Byzantine fortress Accra and the beaches next to it

With this video I start the new series for "The Beaches of Bulgaria". I believe that there are still beautiful beaches on our sea that are worth visiting. Many people recommend Bulgarian, but I intend to show you what I found, and the decision is entirely yours.

In this episode I will go to the early Byzantine fortress "Accra" near the town of Chernomorets and tell you about its history, and I will show you the wonderful places for bathing that I found. Some people say that gold coins can still be found in the fortress, but I was unlucky with that.

Located only twenty kilometers from Bourgas, this place is wonderful for relaxation and coolness during the hot summer days. The road there is bad, which predisposes to fewer visitors and therefore contributes to a relaxed atmosphere.

Watch the video to see my perspective on the place and what I learned about it. If you like, you can support me by subscribing to my channel and leave me a comment with your opinion about the video, the fortress and everything related to adventure.

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    Иван, February 01 reply

    Първо да се похваля, че вчера най-после успяхме да намерим време да посетим крепостта Акра и въпреки че по пътя беше малко кално, денят беше слънчев и гледките страхотни.Определено пак ще отидем, когато заведението работи и с добър фенер, защото не успяхме да се разходим из подземията на стария бункер.И едно предложение-добави една страница в сайта, в която да можем, тези които посетим препоръчаните от теб дестинации да се похвалим не само с текст, а и със снимки или видео. Или да се оплачем, ако не ни е харесало.:)

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