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Amazing Strandja! Beautiful dams, streams and villages in Strandzha mountain, Bulgaria

Amazing Strandja! Beautiful dams, streams and villages in Strandzha mountain, Bulgaria

An adventure in Strandzha planina and its beautiful springs, dams and villages. There are plenty of amazing places, a little bit off the main roads and the big cities that are waiting for you to discover them. Keep exploring :)

My trip happened by chance. I was at home in Bourgas and wanted to go somewhere close for a walk. I didn't wanted to be some popular place, but something that I haven't seen yet.
Opened the map and told myself:
- "Hey, which name looks interesting to you? Or some place that attracts your attention?". At first sight I liked some places near the Bourgas' lakes , but they didn't attract me tot hem. After a short time I saw the Yasna polyana reservoir and thought that is very tempting place. I am a sea's child and I love the water, I love that beautiful blue.

I went there without a clear goal and expectations - I had not even seen pictures of the place. I only looked at the map to see what I would drive through and I saw the village of Novo Panicharevo. I decided to look at it on the spot and if I liked it I would stop for a walk through.

It happened just as I expected and I went to the village of Novo Panicharevo and decided to go through to see what interesting I could find there - I reached the middle of the village and saw a small detail of a bridge over the river. I told myself this is it and stopped for a walk. The village welcomed me with an open embrace. Several people from the village saw me walking and took me back in time with the question:
- "Boy, whose child are you?".
I replied that I was not from the village, but I had come for a walk and I was received very warmly. They told me interesting stories from the past of the village and directed me to the most interesting places that I must see.

And so it happened that from a short detour on the road it turned out that I spent almost the whole day in this village - walking, taking pictures, eating ice cream from the shop in the center, climbed to the highest point to look around and it was great .

However, in the afternoon I managed to reach the Yasna Polyana dam, which was my initial goal. As the time has passed so fast, I decided to skip the walks around the village and headed directly to the dam. A long dirt road led me in until I reached a no-go sign. I went back and tried another road, but again no. I found myself just below the dam wall in a place that looked like an abandoned mine. And the wall looked extremely impressive.

Since I had traveled a lot to see the dam, I decided not to give up. I parked the car and got the drone in the air to at least look through his eyes at the dam. I lifted it smoothly over the dam wall and this incredible beauty was revealed to me. Great little path along the dam wall and a huge water infinity.

What a day it was... From a boring morning without a plan laying on the couch, I found myself in these great places that were just waiting to be found. My day was filled with happiness and incredible memories, and a tired big smile shone on my face.

Strandja. Amazing Strandja!

P.S. There is something "not real" in the video. Were you watching carefully enough to find it? Post in the comments section below your thoughts.

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    Mitko, May 18 reply

    Понеже все още нямам коментари на сайта ще съм първият, който да напише такъв. Това приключение ми беше изключително приятно и бях очарован от красотата, която открих в тези села и язовири.

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    Антония, June 22 reply

    Много завладяващо настроение . Водата се качва по преливника на язовирната стена . Заобиколени сме от красиви неща ,само трябва да ги видим-странно е ,че някой не ги забелязват .

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