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Happy birthday, Mitko on Trip!

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Happy birthday, Mitko on Trip!

Happy birthday, Mitko on Trip!

One year ... when did it pass?

365 days on the road ... well, not exactly. I stayed at home for many days and composed videos until late, reviewing recordings, trimming and adding, listening to songs, looking for inspiration. A lot of time was spent planning adventures, making arrangements with favorite friends, looking for beautiful views.

365 days of happiness - but that's it! Every moment of traveling, in front of the computer or browsing monuments and places made me happy.

365 days with good friends - new or old, but always in good company.

365 days well sealed. I didn't make as many videos as I wanted, but for each one I gave my best and I put a part of my soul.

365 days of suggestions, questions and ideas on how to be better, how to make you happier. And I appreciate every piece of advice, every recommendation, opinion or even just a kind word to me.

One year. When did it pass?
Thank you to all of you who are part of Mitko on Trip! Yes, you are part of it and everything happens thanks to you! Happy holiday and I hope that every year all this grows, gets better and better.

tl; dr You are very strong, thank you for supporting me!

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