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​Eco-path "Under the spray of the waterfall" a one look away from Teteven

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​Eco-path "Under the spray of the waterfall" a one look away from Teteven

The Teteven region is one of the places I had not visited until now, and to tell you the truth, after we drove from Yablanitsa to Teteven, my eyes were moving along the windshield of the car and I couldn't get enough of this beauty.
And the eco-trail "Under the spray of the waterfall" will energize you, fill your eyes with views and occupy a special place in your memories. Many waterfalls, very beautiful nature and fresh air.
In my opinion, the poet Ivan Vazov said it very well.
"If I hadn't come to Teteven, I too would have remained a foreigner to Mother Bulgaria. Your region is full of so many charms that I am stunned! I have also been to Switzerland and other places around Europe, I have crossed Bulgaria as well, but I've never seen a more magical ending!"

How do you get to the eco-trail?

The eco-trail "Under the spray of the waterfall" starts from the center of the town of Teteven. It is located about 115 km from Sofia in the direction of Pleven/Sevlievo.
If you travel by car, you drive mainly along the Hemus highway and stop for Yablanitsa, and then for Teteven.
The other option is by bus. Check the Sofia/Teteven bus station for up-to-date information and timetables.

How long is the eco-trail?

"Under the spray of the waterfall" starts from the town of Teteven and is 4km long, but we prefer to skip the urban part and enjoy the beautiful forest. From the end of the asphalt, the path continues for another 600 meters. It's not circular, which means you'll have to go back the way you came.

How high is the waterfall?

There is a surprise here. Already on the trail, we notice several additional waterfalls and are very impressed. And at the end point it turns out that there are two waterfalls - very beautiful and very different.
They call them "Skoka" ("The Jump") and "Praskaloto" ("The Splash"). Skoka is more full-water and spectacular - it is about 15-20 meters high, but it is extremely full-water and with a large flow rate.
Praskaloto, on the other hand, is very quiet and light - the jet is thin, but it descends from a great height - about 50 meters.

How long does it take?

In case you have decided to undertake only the forest part of the trek, I would recommend that you set aside about an hour to an hour and a half. The path is walked for ten minutes at a leisurely pace in one direction, but you will definitely stop often to take pictures and enjoy the surrounding nature. The trail runs in the canyon next to the creek, and you are flanked on either side by high sheer cliffs. The nature around is very different and I found it very interesting.

When is the best time to visit?

An eco-trail with waterfalls? That's right - spring is your season. It may also be early summer, but I believe the trail will be very beautiful in fall and winter as well.

Do I need special equipment?

No! The trail is easy and pleasant. I only recommend that you don't wear flip-flops or non-grip shoes, because in places you step on the stones and they can be quite slippery.

Is it steep? Are there scary sections?

The path is very easy. There is almost no climbing and steep sections. The bridges are very well built and stable. The only downside is that the path is narrow and in places it becomes difficult to pass other people.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, there were quite a few people with dogs on our visit and I think it's no problem to bring your four-legged friend.

Is there a convenient picnic spot nearby?

There are two picnic spots on the trail with benches and tables. One is in the middle of the trail and the other is at the end with a view of the falls. At the end point there is also a gazebo with a roof and a barbecue area. In our case it turned out to be very useful, because we got a torrential rain and we hid in the dry for a while.

What's interesting nearby?

  • Glozhene monastery "St. George The Victorious" - an interesting monastery, conveniently located on the rocks near the village of Glozhene. To be honest, the monastery didn't really impress me, but the view from it left me speechless. You can stand on the terrace and enjoy the beautiful scenery even if you don't like these places. Read more about it here.
  • Glozhene waterfall - the waterfall can be seen from the road Glozhene - Teteven and is located above the tavern "Pri vidrite". There is a path that leads to the waterfall itself, but it is not well marked and we were unable to reach it. The view from the road was beautiful though, and if you're feeling adventurous you might want to look for the trail to the top.
  • Iskar-Panega eco-trail - A very pleasant eco-trail that is extremely popular on the internet. I was extremely surprised by the incredible color of the water, and the walk was very pleasant. Read more here.
  • Prohodna cave (Eyes of God) - This place is like taken out of a movie... And it actually is! Many movies and commercials have been shot here, there are interesting rock climbing routes and bungee jumping. And the cave itself is very beautiful in itself, and the openings in its ceiling really resemble eyes looking down on you. Read more here.

About my adventure

It's waterfall season and the past few weeks have freed us from commitments, giving us an opportunity to catch up on adventures. We recently visited the waterfalls "Dobravishka Skaklya" and "Pod Kamiko" and decided that we wanted more of this magic. The eco-trail "Under the spray of the waterfall" seemed to me to be a very good continuation of the series. And on this day, the forecast for rain continued to haunt us, but this could not scare us. We packed the essentials in the backpacks - water, something light to eat and of course the raincoats, and we are ready to go.
Already with the detour from Yablanitsa to Teteven, I was very impressed by the beautiful nature - we are moving along a small road, along the river and on both sides high rocks rise. My eyes move now to the left, now to the right and see here a waterfall, there beautiful rocks and beautiful greenery in all directions.
On the way, we decided to stop to see the Glozhensky waterfall. According to the map, it is right next to the road near the "Pri vidre" restaurant, and we actually saw it even before we stopped. Being adventurers, we decided that we should get to the waterfall itself. We found a trail that crosses the river and winds its way up, but we decided it veered too far to the side and gave up, at least for now.
We continued on the road and passed through Teteven. Towards the center of the city we started to see signs pointing to "Jump Falls" and followed them. Just in case, however, we have included GPS to guide us to the beginning. We pass through the outer neighborhoods and find ourselves on a narrow, almost one-lane road. Cars appear on the way and it's hard to pass, but we manage. After a few minutes we arrive at a parking lot for maybe a dozen cars. We leave the car and walk along the path to the waterfall.
The trail winds along the Koznitsa River in the beautiful canyon. Nice wooden bridges help us to cross from one side of the river to the other. High cliffs surround us and their end can be seen far above us.
We are also impressed by how green everything is. We meet a beautiful tree, all covered with moss, as well as the stones around it.
The path is not very wide, and at the very beginning we have to pass another group. We have to wait to get away in peace. That's probably the only thing I don't like about this trail, but those are the risks of the more popular destinations.
Only a few minutes later we notice the beautiful waterfall in the distance, and the rain hastened to cool our passions. Suddenly one of those summer rains began to pour - torrential and out of nowhere. We managed to get to the gazebo, but decided to take a quick picture in front of the waterfall anyway. We hid under the gazebo and waited for the rain to pass. The view from there to the two falls is great - very good hits for a spot on the gazebo.

However, the rain stopped and gave us a chance to take pictures and enjoy the splash of the falls. Even Jerry stops for one last look before we head back to the car. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to meet a salamander on the trail, as the sign said, but maybe it should come again.

Thank you, Teteven, for the beautiful meeting
we will be back soon for more

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