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The UFO of Buzludzha, the Monument of Shipka and a night in the nature

Three friends. Two year old promise. One wild adventure!

Back in 2018 I promised Pesho to go to Buzludzha and camp there. It's been a while and many things have changed - we are no more sharing a desk in the office, but the promises must be kept.

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Amazing Strandja! Beautiful dams, streams and villages in Strandzha mountain, Bulgaria

An adventure in Strandzha planina and its beautiful springs, dams and villages. There are plenty of amazing places, a little bit off the main roads and the big cities that are waiting for you to discover them. Keep exploring :)

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Video trip around Varna in the summer

One adventure with Tanya - the queen of fiery sunsets and a huge fan of... (watch the video till the end)

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Mitko's Guests in Varna, Bulgaria

A good friend of yours is coming to visit you for the first time. Where would you take him/her if you have only a limited amount of time? Hard choice eh...?

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Adventure to Petrich Kale with Allya

One video adventure that would lead you to the ancient fortress Petrich Kale above the village of Razdelna. A short walk through the forest will take you on the top of the hill with a breath-taking view.

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